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Bodegas Peñafalcón opted for the trend of wine tourism, being one of the pioneer wineries in the founding of the Ribera del Duero Route Bodegas Peñafalcón uses one of its facilities exclusively for wine tourism, equipped with approximately 2,200 m2.



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The visitor, a wine lover, at the Peñafalcón wine tourism, will be able to enjoy the different crafts from the times of our great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and children, seeing how everything has evolved since then, from the Roman plows to the tools that are currently used in the land.

The guided tour of the facilities will explain and see: Farming implements and utensils pulled by animals (males and mules); the first wind-up and crank-start gasoline and oil irrigation engines; machines and tools closely linked to bread and wine, hence the saying ‘with bread and wine you walk the way’ and without forgetting the different measures of wheat, we also mention the times of barter; The next step is the explanation of the vineyards and production of Peñafalcón wine, talking about barrels, presses, tanks, etc…

Another of the highlighted chapters of the visit to the facilities is like a walk through the past, where the imagination takes us to yesterday’s times seeing the grandfather’s machines, who worked on them in 1926. This section allows us to know the space in which The tools and machines with which the fields were worked and the wineries in which the wines were made at that time, almost a century ago, were repaired.

Enoturismo, Wine tourism Valladolid, BODEGAS PEÑAFALCON SL
Enoturismo, Wine tourism Valladolid, BODEGAS PEÑAFALCON SL



We mention and remember with pride the native wineries, excavated underground and their customs (with perforated doors and windows); We see tools related to cooperage and the transportation of grapes (comportas and wicker baskets) that were carried in carts pulled by males or mules, which was the transportation system of the time.

The visit becomes a tour of the evolution and history of wine and allows you to learn about the evolution of the machines that replaced the winepress beam and ends by seeing the old winepress beam, the spindle and the stone.

The visitors, once they have done the entire tour, have enjoyed it and their imagination has been transported to the times of our ancestors, they are eager to try and taste the wines with a commented tasting with their respective aperitif. A unique privilege that not all wineries can offer since they are wines up to 5 years old in barrels with Gold and Great Gold medals.